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Vegetarian for a Month
January 20, 2012

Three teens succeeded in turning the month of February into a month of awareness. Hold the hamburgers—it’s February. The month of February has become “Veguary” for hundreds of people around the world. A combination of the words vegetarian and February, Veguary describes a… Read more...

Dan Shechtman: From “Nonsense” to Nobel Prize
November 11, 2011

Dan Shechtman was awarded the Nobel Prize for his discovery of quasicrystals, a discovery that initially made him the laughingstock of the scientific world. “The stone that the builders despised has become the cornerstone” – Psalms 118:22 People laughed at him. His colleagues publicly… Read more...

Cooking Up Compassion
September 23, 2011

This unique Tel Aviv restaurant is committed to helping kids at risk turn their lives around. Israeli restaurants are often known for their delicious hummus, mouth-watering kebabs, and colorful Israeli salads. One Tel Aviv restaurant, however, is also known for its unique staff. That’s… Read more...

The Mytus Worm
January 25, 2011

Is Israel behind the worm that is wreaking havoc on Iran’s nuclear program? It is 2:00am and the room is dark, lit only by the screen of his laptop. While the rest of the city sleeps, he is wide awake, programming. It’s a test of skill, a quest for power. He wants to see if he can do it… Read more...